Give Your Roof the WOW it Needs with WOW Home Repair!

Whether it’s due to sudden storm damage or years of wear & tear, WOW Home Repair is here for all of your Roof Repair and Replacement Needs! With a team of expertly trained roofers, WOW Home Repair is available to fix any and all roofing issues that may arise at your home. This includes:

Leaky Roofs
Leaky Roofs in Delaware
Whether your leak is from damage or old age, it can lead to water damage and lead to more damage to your roof! Let WOW Home Repair take care of your leaky roof & help you save hundreds of dollars!
Leaky Pipe Collars, Flashing & Chimneys
Flashing Repair Kennett Square
Just like leaks in other areas of your roof, leaks around your pipe collars, flashing, or chimney can lead to bigger problems and a POW to your pocket! Let WOW Home Repair fix the problem and put the WOW in your Wallet!
Loose & Damaged Shingles
Damage Shingle Repair Delaware
Don’t let loose or damaged shingles compromise the look & strength of your roof. Damaged shingles can lead to problems with the wood underlayment costing you more money down the road.
Fascia Wind Damage
Fascia Damage
Powerful winds and strong storms can cause your fascia to detach from your home and go completely missing. We can assess the damage, locate other loose areas, and repair or replace it!
Rotting Wood
Rotting Roof Repair in Delaware
When wood rots, it becomes a danger to anything that relies upon it. That means if you have rotting wood in your roof, it could end up sagging or caving in. Let us replace your rotting wood with fresh, strong wood.
Damaged Venting
Damaged Vent
Proper roofing ventilation helps keep your home at the perfect temperature all year round, and if it’s damaged, that could lead to heating & cooling issues!

WOW Home Repair is the one-stop solution for all of your roofing needs in Delaware, Pennsylvania & the Tri-State Area! WOW Home Repair is family-owned and operated and we work closely with each homeowner to give them the results they need and the WOW they deserve! We have an eye for detail and a mission to always stay on budget. Our team of highly trained roofing experts will help you find the best roofing solution to satisfy both your aesthetic requirements and your needs. Contact us for a Free Estimate at (484) 787-6688 or email us directly at [email protected]